"Dont trust the scale. Trust your jeans"


Darya - Lost 32 lbs                                                                                  Michelle- 44 years old


July- 8 week transformation                                                              Jill- mother of 2


Rebecca- 6 months of hard work                                                   Jackie- 8 week prep

kayla hannah

Kayla- 11 week prep                                                                         Hannah- 12 week prep

booty danielle-f

Alyson- 12 week prep                                                                   Danielle- 5 months of training

butt  gloria-transformation

Alyson- 2 years of weights                                                               Gloria- Hard work pays off

mia  jac

Mia- 10 week prep                                                                         Jaq-  weights & clean eating

Jaqualine- 6 months of work                                                                           Gloria- 6 months of lifting