Stage Coach & Posing

Walk with confidence!

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Virtual Stage Coach

In this program I become your stage coach. You can send me videos of your walk and poses 24/7. I will provide you with detailed feedback on how you can perfect it, how to improve your poses and how to perfect your stage presence. I will be here to assist with all aspects from suit & gown, to questions about the hotel/hair/makeup and registration process. Anything that you may have questions about, I will be here to assist.

  • Unlimited feedback on videos
  • Info/details on show & what to expect
  • Instructional videos
  • Customized stage routine
  • Walk and poses
  • Tips & Tricks to stand out
  • What to expect and know on show day

Pricing: $350.00

1 on 1 Posing ( Online Posing available)  

This is a chance to master your stage walk and posing before you step foot on stage.  I will provide the techniques for posing and walking that is used by the Professionals. We will perfect your stage presence and how you present yourself on stage. We can meet in our studio or using your computers webcam or smartphone, you will get a professional critique on your posing. I will assist in creating the best posing routine and transitions that will represent and show off your best features. I will be your “second eye” to guide you through your posing as it can make a world of a difference between how you place.


  • $50.00 Per Session ( 45 mins )